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Anti-collision handrail


Flat type anti-collision handrail has flame-retardant, antibacterial, the buffer liner, protection and diversity of color and other characteristics, which is mainly used in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and public places for disabled corridor, Prevent slippery effect to the person of action inconvenience, and it also can prevent  destructive impact  from the wheelchair, trolleys, clean car at the same time.
 NO.1: Convenient to clean surface

Wall guard have the features of small resistance, high liquidity, dirt hard adherent, simple maintenance, so it is easier to clean the surface by non-abrasive cleaning way.


NO.2: The product Can withstand the impact of the high intensity

The product will not be damaged when it subjected to a load of 240 kg speed of 5km/ h  under standard conditions of use.



NO.3: Fire protection and prevent burning

Wall guard have the features of high heat aging resistance, non-toxic, low-density smoke, halogen-free gas and environmentally materials, and it will not be spontaneous combustion with the case of fire high temperature and molecular rupture.



Anti-collision handrail - luxury style


1.Strong metal structure inside, and the cover is made of PVC.

2. It is very easy to hold when walking in the corridor, cause the upper part is pipe shape.

3. It could protect wall surface and anti-impact because of arc shape of lower edge.


Anti-collision handrail - fashion style

The fashion one is the perfect mixture of climbing up. decoration and vogue, and it widely used in different fashionable places.





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