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We do the outsourcing, purchasing, development, logistic, quarter hours of productions in Asia and Europe corporation.
We also provide quality control service for foreign companies, the service content as follows:
1. After finding out problems, we will report to the factory and communicate them timely, feedback feasible solutions to the factory, help factory to improve product quality and deliver products on time.
2. We have the ability to identify potential problems in advance
3. We can finish the inspection of product, the inspection of factory and quality control of the task
4. All staff have a good command of English in listening, saying, reading and writing ability;
5. The staff can get accurate control quality of all aspects of the production plan;
6. Staff can skillfully use the Excel software functions, statistical analysis of the production quality, and put forward the solution;
7. We have a strong ability to learn all kinds of product features, who can travel frequently.

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