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Our team use extensive relationships in China and around the world, we search for appropriate joint venture partner to sell and market products in China,normally speaking, it is key things for  Choosing the correct partner for foreign company, Whether you are a Fortune 100 company or a smaller distributor, we can assist your open into Chinese markets.

NO 1: Chinese Market data researching service
NO 2: Source and potential Joint Venture Partner or foreign company
NO 3: Complete schedule with local cooperation Contract Manufacturing and Sourcing company
We got a network with many factory owners representing main industries in China. We have a full engineering clerk and could utilize the in-house engineering staff of its contract manufacturing facilities.Current and past projects include furniture, consumer electronics,  hardware, display fixtures, castings, various metal working, plastics, mold making, lighting, construction products. Those products have been either sourced from  Chinese production or manufactured with our clients' proprietary & professional designs.Industries

We supply for: 1.Industrial warehouse equipment 2.Bio-medical devices and components 3.Wood, plastic, rubber products 4.Metal stamping, progressive die work, casting and 5.Metal fabrication 6.Aftermarket/OEM automotive parts, furniture 7.Wire cages 8.Shelving (Commercial and Industrial) 9.Display racks
10.Wheelchairs and other medical durables 11.Electronics (walkie-talkie device) 12.Metal bed frames 13.Cookware 14.Shock absorbers
15.Proprietary application software for the banking industry

NOTE: Only a sample list here. The list of custom projects is longer than it, furthermore, we also offer investment real estate services in Shanghai. Beijing. Guangzhou or any other cities of China.

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