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Beijing Economic-technological Development Area located at the northeastern part area; Is also called YI ZHUANG development zone,started and attracted foreign investment in 1992, on August 25 1994, which was authorized by the State Council for the state-level economic development zone. The overall plan area is 46.8 square kilometers, by the science plan's industrial area, the high disposition's commercial district and the high quality quarters constitution, has the functions of ¡°clears out the central city population the function, to gather the new industry, leads the area development¡±. 
    By the end of 2007, had from more than 30 national and the local 2300 enterprise moves into the development zone, the Coca-Cola, Daimler•Chrysler, GE, the abundant world, happy golden chemistry, Baier, Nokia and so on one batch of overseas well-known enterprises put up a factory in the development zone investment, including 62 world 500 strong enterprises, according to the national relevant law laws and regulations and "Beijing Economic development zone Rule", moves in the development zone the enterprise to be possible to enjoy including the land, the foreign exchange and the introduction of talent 45 preferential policy. 
    According to Beijing Municipal government's plan, after in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games end, YI ZHUANG area construct with proper priority education, the medical service, the culture and so on public utility, by the good humanities environment and the employment condition attracts the foreign investment enterprise and the high technology and new technology talented person. 


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