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                       Beijing Guoyun International Trade Co., Ltd

     Beijing Guoyun International Trade Co., Ltd. is an Import and Export Company with business focus covering but not limited to membrane, girls slippers and industrial products. which will continue its overseas drive while consolidating the current global market share. We sincerely welcome and are open for any potential partners who would like to make business relationship with us


      Guoyun International Trade Co., Ltd main task being marketing overseas advanced industrial products, such as Low Pressure Compound RO Membrane, Compound RO Membrane , Fouling Resistant Compound RO Membrane, and various specifications of industrial products At present, Guoyun International Trade & tourism Co., Ltd has been exporting the industrial products to Turkey, Germany, Iran, Russia, and India, these exported items have gained wide spread recognition among our clients. Partnering with the China famous equipments manufacturing concerns domestically , we act as the export agent for those companies, dealing mainly in the quality partner, We supply products which is famous not only for good quality and competitive price,but also for being the symbol of green and environment-friendly products in China.

We takes the mystery out of doing business in Asia for the small to mid-size manufacturers. Language, cultural, legal, and political barriers are a challenge. However, Guoyun International Trade Co., Ltd will make your experience in the Chinese manufacturing arena a profitable one. 



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